It is the policy of JindrichAllison Oil & Gas Company and our wholly-owned subsidiaries to conduct our business in a safe and responsible manner which protects our employees and contractors, our facilities, our neighbors, and the natural environment. JindrichAllison will comply with all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations, as well as any other requirements or standards to which JindrichAllison may subscribe. Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management is a high corporate priority and an integral element of our corporate management strategy. JindrichAllison recognizes that as we advance our technology to explore for and produce energy, so must we advance our technologies to control risks to the workforce, communities, and environment where we operate.


To fully implement this policy, JindrichAllison is committed to:

Comply with all applicable EHS laws and regulations. Where such laws, regulations or standards are absent or inadequate, JindrichAllison will apply appropriate practices to minimize EHS risks.

Implement an EHS Management System to achieve JindrichAllison's EHS goals and objectives;

Set annual objectives and targets to continually improve our EHS programs and performance;

Identify and evaluate the EHS hazards for exploration, drilling, processing, production, and facility closure; and plan, design, and implement systems to mitigate and reduce identified EHS risks;

Provide a safe and healthful workplace by implementing programs, systems, and engineering controls to prevent injuries, incidents, accidents, and pollution;

Implement an effective Management of Change Program to ensure that operational or procedural modifications do not result in unidentified or unmitigated risks;

Act promptly and responsibly to correct or mitigate any conditions that endanger the health or safety of our workers and communities, or the environment in which we operate;

Provide personnel with appropriate training, capabilities, knowledge, and resources to safely conduct their work and protect the environment;

Communicate our policies and standards to all contractors and suppliers, and ensure that all persons working in our facilities are fully trained and qualified to conduct their work in a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible manner;

Recognize local communities as stakeholders and maintain open communications with them regarding applicable EHS issues and impacts of our activities where appropriate;

Measure and report our EHS performance to senior management and stakeholders at least annually;

Conduct regular EHS reviews, assessments, and audits in accordance with the EHS Auditing Policy, act promptly on the results of these reviews, assessments, and audits, and report the results annually to senior management.

Every employee and contractor working at any JindrichAllison operation is expected to fully comply with this policy and to immediately report any environmental, health, or safety concerns to JindrichAllison management. Managers are expected to take prompt action on any such reports that they may receive.

Oversight & Communication

The JindrichAllison Company clients will periodically review and update this EHS Policy in response to changing business conditions, results obtained from periodic evaluations and audits, and other situations that could affect the implementation of this policy. This policy will be communicated throughout the workforce and communities, including our contractors and suppliers, through employee training, contracts, annual reports, and other public statements and announcements.