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Eugene Island 11 Platform

We currently operate five producing wells located in federal waters at Eugene Island 10 (“Dutch”), and two producing wells located in adjacent Louisiana state waters (“Mary Rose”). We plugged and abandoned the Mary Rose #4 well in 2018. We expect to plug the Mary Rose #5 well in early 2019 and the Mary Rose #3 well in 2020. All Dutch and Mary Rose wells flow to a Company-owned and operated production platform at Eugene Island 11. While we do not own the lease for the Eugene Island 11 block, this does not impact our ability to operate our facilities located on that block. Operators in the GOM may place platforms and facilities on any location without having to own the lease, provided that permission and proper permits from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (“BSEE”) have been obtained. We have obtained such permission and permits. We installed our facilities at Eugene Island 11 because that was the optimal gathering location in proximity to our wells and marketing pipelines. 

From our production platform we are able to access two separate oil and natural gas markets thereby minimizing downtime risk and providing the ability to select the best sales price for our oil and natural gas production. Oil and natural gas production can flow through our 20” gas pipeline to third-party owned and operated onshore processing facilities near Patterson, Louisiana. Alternatively, natural gas can flow via our 8” pipeline to a third-party owned and operated onshore processing facility southwest of Abbeville, Louisiana and oil can flow via a 6” oil pipeline to third-party owned and operated onshore processing facilities in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. Production facilities include a turbine type compressor capable of servicing all Dutch and Mary Rose wells at the Eugene Island 11 platform. Condensate can also flow to onshore markets and multiple refineries.