Listed below are common situations that result in a change of an owner's record to their ownership. Please select the appropriate situation and forward the requested documentation to:

Situation Please Provide the following documentation:

Address/NAME Change

Submit change of name or address request in writing. A change address request needs a signature of owner(s). If the title to the property is held jointly, both owners must sign. For a name change, request in writing along with a photocopy of marriage certificate, divorce decree reinstating maiden name or other document affecting name change.

Change of Name & Address Form


Please print and sign form.


Deceased Owner

If testate, submit Death Certificate, Letters Testamentary, and Last Will in writing. If intestate, submit Death Certificate and Affidavit of Heirship in writing.

Appointment of Guardian or Power of Attorney

Copy of Power of Attorney or Letters of Guardianship.

Sale of an Interest

Copy the Conveyance Instrument as filed for record in the county or parish where the property is located.


Complete Divorce Decree including any conveyances made and filed for record in the appropriate county/parish.

Change of Trustee

Copy of Trust Agreement or Memorandum of Trust along with recorded conveyance in appropriate county/parish.


Order naming Trustee of Bankruptcy Estate and appropriate recorded conveyance.